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PBLD Sessions
  14 October Friday (Workshops)
  Perioperative Paediatric Life Support Course
  Difficult Airway Workshop- From Basics To Advanced
  Point Of Care Ultrasound ( POCUS) Workshop
  Paediatric Regional Anaesthesia Workshop
  Paediatric Difficult I.V. Access
  15 October Saturday




07:30-08:30 PBLD with Experts (Online) (Asia)








08:00-08:30 Welcome and Opening





Josephine Tan (ASPA Chair), Meral Kanbak (TARD Chair), Serpil Ustalar Ozgen (Congress Chair)








08:30-09:30 Panel - 1: Our tiny patients; Premature Babies & Neonates


  Panel - 2 : Paediatric Pain


  Moderators: Agnes Ng, Usha Nair


  Moderators: Elvan Öçmen, Çiğdem Tütüncü


  Blood Pressure Management for Prematures and Neonates

Iluminada Camagay (Online)

  Pharmacokinetic Differences in the Children for Common Analgesics

Raafat S. Hannallah

  Neonate with Uncorrected Cardiac Defect for Emergent Surgery

Annette Schure (Online)

  Paediatric Chronic Pain

Irfan Suleman

  Neonatal Abdominal Emergencies

Saadeh Asaf

  Perioperative Acupuncture

Zhong Haixing (Online)









09:30-10:00 Conference - 1: The Effect of Oxygen Concentration on Atelectasis


  Conference - 2: Pitfalls of peripheral and regional blockade  in Kids


  Moderators: Josephine Tan, Hee-Soo Kim

Hyo-Jin Byon 

  Moderator: PA Lönnqvist

Adrian Bosenberg (Online)

Vrushali Ponde 






10:00-10:30 Coffee Break & Industry Visit 




10:30-11:30 Panel - 3: Ventilation


  Panel - 4: New, Old, Different Drugs and Paediatric Use


  Moderators: Rebecca Jacob, Meral Kanbak


  Moderators: Keira Mason, Ateş Duman  


  Single Lung Ventilation in Paediatrics

Walid Habre

  Dexmedetomidine; One drug, Many Faces, Is it Just for Sedation? 

Keira Mason 

  Recruitment Maneuvers and Ultrasound

Ji- Hyun Lee (Online)

  Practical Recomendation on the Safe Perioperative use of IV Lidocaine

Susilo Chandra

  Low flow Anaesthesia in Infants

Christian Hönemann 

  Olicerdine and Kids; A New Opioid

Gregory Hammer (Online)









11:30-12:30 Panel -5 : Optimizing Anaesthesia, for the Brain and
Paediatric Patient


  Panel - 6: Maxillofacial issues
  Moderators: Güner Kaya, Vivian Yuen


  Moderators: Rebecca Jacob, Serpil Ustalar Özgen


  Brain, Infants and Anaesthesia; What do we have recently

Sulpicio Soriano (Online)

  Anticipation and Prevention of Problems Occurring After Maxillofacial Surgery

Cong Quyet Thang

  Monitoring the Brain of an Infant; Deep or Awake 

Laszlo Vuskits (Online)

  Managing the 'Difficult Airway' in Cleft and Syndromic Children

Rebecca Jacob

  Optimizing Anaesthesia, for the Brain, Paediatric Patient and the Planet

Justin Skowno (Online)

  The Challenges of Providing Safe Anaesthesia on 'Outreach' in Remote Areas

Apples Bautista



  Accountability in a Safe Program for Cleft Surgery in the Urban Setting Fauzia Khan
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
12:30-13:30 ASPA Pediatric Pain SIG Virtual: “Becoming ChildKind in Asia” members-only talk
13:30-14:30 Panel - 7: Special Issues


  Panel - 8: Paediatric Regional Anesthesia I   
  Moderators: Elsa Varghese, Serpil Ustalar Özgen     Moderators: Vrushali Ponde, Yavuz Gürkan  
  Emergency Experiences in Separation Surgery of Conjoined Twins

Andi Ade Ramlan

  Caudal blockade in children - An Update

Paul Castillo 

  The Obese Paediatric Patient for Ambulatory Surgery

Walid Habre

  Complications of regional anesthesia; focusing on peripheral nerve and interfascial plane blocks

Yavuz Gürkan

  Ketamine; A good old friend, What is new?

Yunita Widyastuti

  An Update in Regional Anaesthesia/Analgesia Techniques for Paediatric Surgery

Pınar Kendigelen









14:30-15:00 Conference - 3: Tracheal Cuff Location and Uncuffed Tubes     Conference - 4: Paediatric Massive Blood Transfusion; What makes Babies Different?


  Moderators: Kamil Toker, Hülya Bilgin  Josef Holzki   Moderators:  Yunxia Zuo, Dilek Altun

Charles Cote (Online)





15:00-15:30 Coffee Break and Industry Visits




15:30-16:30 Panel - 9: Paediatric Airway     Panel - 10: Paediatric Regional Anesthesia II  
  Moderators: Kamil Toker, Rebecca Jacob     Moderators: Yavuz Gürkan, Pınar Kendigelen


  Current Recommendations for the Management of the Difficult Paediatric Airway

Raafat S.Hannallah

  Thoracic Regional Anesthesia and Its Impact on Ventilation

Adrian Bosenberg (Online)

  Challenges and management in Paediatric Airway 

Josephine Tan

  Stimulating Epidural Catheters in Neonates

Sandeep Diwan (Online)

  Safe Extubation After the ‘Shared Airway’ Surgeries

Antigona Hasani

  Fascial plane Blocks

Yavuz Gürkan









16:30-17:30 Opening Ceremony         




17:30-18:30 PBLD with Experts ( Online) ( USA & CANADA & EUROPE )










  16 October 2022 Sunday








08.30-09.30 FREDERIC BERRY Conference - 5 : Virtual Round Table What is Paediatric Anesthesia? Who is Paediatric Anesthesiologist?   Panel - 11: Special issues  
  Moderators : Çimen Olguner, Sibel Barış, Walid Habre     Moderators: Ritu Prathan (Online), Gaye Aydın



Charles Cote (Online), Raafat S. Hannallah, Masao Yamashita (Online), Guner Kaya, Maryrose Osazuwa (Online), Rebecca Jacob, Agnes Ng, Genevieve D'Souza

    Virtual Reality and Musical therapy in Paediatric Anaesthesia

Teresita Batanes

        Autism Spectrum Disorders Undergoing Dental Procedures

Andi Ade Ramlan

        TCI in Paediatrics

Vivian Yuen







09.30-10.30  Round Table with Experts; ‘How would I do it? Which one would I do?’’What if I had? Which block, when, how, why, with what-case based small round table talk     Panel - 12: Perioperative Fluids  
  Moderators:  İsmet Topçu, Aki Uemura (Online), Fatma Sarıcaoğlu


  Moderators: Hee Soo Kim, Feray Gürsoy


  Case Based Discussion on:  Epidurals vs QLB/ESB Chest Wall vs Paravertebrals / epidural LP vs Epidural QI vs TAP


  From the Holiday-Segar to the present

Suneerat Kongsayreepong 


Aki Uemura (Online), Karen Boretsky, Adrian Bosenberg (Online), Vrushali Ponde, PA Lönnqvist, Sandeep Diwan (Online), Fatma Sarıcaoğlu, Pınar Kendigelen, Yavuz Gürkan


  What is the best option, crystalloids, colloids, which, when?

Karin Becke (Online)



  How far can we monitor fluid status in paediatrics?

Eun Hee Kim (Online)









10.30-11.00 Coffee Break and Industry Visits




11.00-12.15 Conference - 6: Monitorization of the Brain, Pain and Haemodynamics     Panel - 13: Trauma   
  Moderators: Tümay UmuroğluNorifumi Kuratani


  Moderators: Soichiro Obara, Fauzia Khan
  EEG Monitor for Children Under Anaesthesia 

Vivian Yuen

  Practical Approaches in Paediatric Severe Trauma & Shock (Haemostatic Balance in Severe Paediatric Trauma )

Fredy Ariza Cadena (Online)

  Pain Under Anaesthesia in Paediatrics

Teddy Fabila (Online) 

  Trauma induced coagulopathy

Soichiro Obara

  Capnodynamic assessment of cardiac output and mixed venous oxygen saturation- a continuous and non-invasive new technique 

PA Lönnqvist

  TBI; Traumatic Brain Injury, No more harm

Hatice Türe (Online)

  Tip the Balance Using Ultrasound to Monitor:Highlight on POCUS

Karen Boretsky

  The other side of the moon….

Ercan Türeci









12.15-13.15 Panel - 14:  NORA (Non - operating Room Anesthesia)     Panel - 15: Inotropes, Coagulation, & Anticoagulation  
  Moderators: Berrin Işık, Keira Mason


  Moderators: Walid Habre, Ayda Türköz


  Endoscopic procedures; Who, When, How, What? 

Leyla Karaoğlan İyilikçi

  Age Approriate Use of Inotropes

Walid Habre

  Iterative (Repeated) Anaesthesia

Lucas Opitz

  Anticoagulation in Paediatrics; Is Prophylaxis  Necessary?

Ayda Türköz

  Cardiac intervention anaesthesia- Paediatric Cath Lab

Annette Schure (Online) 

  Coagulation Monitoring (TEG, ROTEM, vs standart lab test)

Olivia Wijeweera









13:15-14:15 Lunch Break




14.15-15.30 WFSA Round Table     Satelite Symposium
  Moderators: Serpil Özgen Ustalar, Josephine Tan, Walid Habre     No More No Less: Brain Protective Monitoring in Pediatric Anesthesia

K. Tolga Saracoglu

  Paediatric Anesthesia Fellowship in Bosnia

Adisa Sabanovic Adilovic



  Challenges of Paediatric Anesthesia Services and Training Infrastructure in Tertiary Care Teaching Institutions in Pakistan

Fauzia A. Khan

  Who Should do Paediatric Anaesthesia in Low-Income Countries? The Latin America Experience

Maria Alejandra Echeto (Online)

  Perioperative Surgical Home/ ERAS in Pediatrics

Genevieve D’Souza

  Safe Paediatric Anesthesia, African Perspectives

Maryrose Osazuwa

  Distribution of SAFE Paediatric Program in Asia 

Norifumi Kuratani

  Experience in Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA) in Ukraine 

Denis Surkov





15.30-16:00 Conference - 7: Haemostasis in paediatrics     Conference - 8: Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Implications of  Pharmocogenomics and Opioids


  Moderators:  Vibhavari Naik, Hüseyin İlksen Toprak


  Moderators: Erlinda Oracion, Canan Bor

Charles Cote (Online)

  Haemostatic System in Newborns and Infants : Our Experiences with Paediatric Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (PCC) Use 

Suneerat Kongsayreepong







16:00-16:30 Coffee Break and Industry Visit




16:30-17:30 Panel - 16: Recent Developments in Paediatric Anaesthesia     Panel - 17: How Do we do ?   
  Moderators:  Bahar Kuvaki Balkan, Olivia Wijeweera


  Moderators: Yunxia Zuo, Zehra Hatipoğlu  



Norifumi Kuratani

  Reflections and Practices for Airway Management in Chinese Infants

Xin Zhao (Online) 

  Paediatric CPR

Bahar Kuvaki Balkan

  The Anaesthesia Directed Sedation Service in China: Models, Approaches and Challenges

Yin Xu (Online)

  Covid and Perioperative Management

Canan Bor

  Paediatric anesthesia service in Nepal - A journey of thousand miles

Bishwas Pradhan









17:30-18:30 Closing Ceremony and Poster/Oral Presentation Awards     Paediatric Anaesthesia for Anaesthesia Technicians (Turkish / Türkçe)


  Moderators: Tuba Usseli, Samime Durmaz  
        Neonatal anaesthesia and anaesthesia technician Nazan Atalan Ozlen
        Crises during induction in infants and children Sukran Balkaner
        Crises during extubation in infants and children İrem Cinnet